“Art Pollard Day in May” Legacy — Indystar.com, Ruth Holladay wrote in May, 2003:

“It was just a genuine affection between a down-to-earth Oregonian, who came to professional racing later in life, and Indianapolis kids known as ‘very tough cases’ in treatment at the state psychiatric facility.”

Art Pollard: He Read Kids’ Sensitivities, article by Fremont Power, The Indianapolis Star.

Pollard never reached out to draw a child to him, the hospital staff remembers. He waited until they came to him. “It’s kind of a sixth sense when to cuddle a child,” Dr. McNabb said. “I never saw Art make a mistake with them.”

“The racing grandfather’s best ‘500’ finish was in 1967 when he qualified a Turbocharger Offy at 163.897, and placed 8th.”

“Art Pollard Dies in Fiery Crash” The Indianapolis News, May 12, 1973

Rex Miller, racing photographer: “I felt cheated because of Art’s fatal crash on the other end of the track. I hurt deep inside because I wanted more … not just more time with Art, but time for Art. He was not just a man in a driver’s suit.”
As race journalist, Robin Miller, said in the eulogy and has been said by others, Art Pollard was “kind, generous, friendly, outgoing, persistent, honest, gentlemanly, optimistic, competitive, even-tempered, vibrant”. These words describe a few of the qualities of this exceptional person who was also a great race driver.

Race drivers know that winning is everything! But I dare to say, that as important as that was, and a driving force in Dad’s life—the people he met along the way agree that he was a winner in more ways than one.

Judy Pollard Dippel, Art’s daughter

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