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Welcome! Please contact the Pollard family through Judy Pollard Dippel (Contact Form at end). She responds to press or other media requests and does her best to supply further information when needed. Permissions for content or photo usage can also be made through Judy.

Also, feel free to make inquiries or to share your personal experiences you had with Art. Or if you were a fan, the family appreciates and always enjoys hearing from all who remember him with them.


Date: Wednesday December 27, 2017
Source: Robin Miller’s Mailbag for December 27, presented by Honda Racing / HPD
Link: Robin Miller’s Mailbag for December 27, presented by Honda Racing / HPD

Q: Each year I pick up a few books from Coastal 181 around Christmas time to read and share with a few friends to close the gap between seasons. First book read was on Art Pollard by Bob Kehoe. Really did not know much about him other than he drove for Andy Granatelli in the woosh-mobiles. What a great story about a true gentleman, a person who gave more than he ever took. One just needs to read the section about the kids at the Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital to understand his caring nature.

The author did a great job of weaving in interviews, newspaper articles, and pictures of so many different events that affected Art’s career from short tracks to the speedway. Also got a history lesson – I had no idea so many came from the Pacific Northwest area: Rolla Vollstedt, Lee Sutton, Del McClure, Bob Christie, George Amick, and a trio of Sneva brothers. It’s tragic how his career came to an end. But he gave us road map of how to live one’s life. Maybe do a video on him – just pull the “Tough” and insert the “Great” to the title.

James A. DaPuzzo III

RM: Art was a good friend and the guy who got me into racing. I kept saying I wanted to drive and he said to sell my sports car (Lotus) and he’d help me get a race car, so we bought a Formula Ford from Andy (and Vince) Granatelli painted STP day-glow orange. His nickname was “Alley Oop” and we played basketball, softball and poker together all the time, and there was no finer human being. And what he did for those kids at Larue Carter was praised to the heavens by the doctors and nurses, because Art was so patient and kind with them. We started a softball game in his honor after his death and those kids came to IMS for a picnic for 20 years. As a racer, he scored a couple of IndyCar wins and you have to remember he didn’t even start his Indy 500 career until he was 39. He was a tough guy and a great guy.

Art Pollard: Always Overshadowed | OILPRESSURE Speed is Life | George Phillips | February 27, 2012

My memories of 1973 are not good ones. In fact, I relate only bad things with that year. It was 1973 that I entered the ninth grade. Ninth grade was easily my most awkward and miserable year of school. The Vietnam War was still being waged, Watergate was beginning to heat up and there was an energy crisis that created long lines at the pump and short tempers. Polyester, bell-bottoms and bad sideburns were rampant. All in all, 1973 was a bad year any way you looked at it.

This applied to the 1973 Indianapolis 500, also. For me personally, that was the year that my father, for reasons I’ll never understand, gave up our tickets. 1973 was the first of twenty straight years that I didn’t go to the Indianapolis 500. READ MORE

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“Andy Granatelli: A Life in Motorsports” will open January 20, 2018 at the WORLD OF SPEED MOTORSPORTS MUSEUM, 27490 SW 95th Avenue, Wilsonville, OR, 97070

Do you live in Oregon, or anywhere near? The latest special exhibit at WORLD OF SPEED MOTORSPORTS MUSEUM, “Andy Granatelli: A Life in Motorsports”, will open January 20, 2018 at the Museum, 27490 SW 95th Avenue, Wilsonville, OR, 97070. Andy’s son, Vince, will be doing a sit-down session at 11:00 a.m. January 20th. Art’s daughter, Judy Pollard Dippel, will be there as well to celebrate Art’s years of racing for Andy Granatelli/STP and the infamous Turbines, of which is on display. MORE INFO

2020 “Art Pollard Day in May.” will be held Saturday May 2, 2020 at the WORLD OF SPEED MOTORSPORTS MUSEUM, 27490 SW 95th Avenue, Wilsonville, OR, 97070

Saturday May, 2, 2020, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm, World of Speed in Wilsonville, OR will celebrate and remember Oregon’s Art Pollard in its’ annual “Art Pollard Day in May.” It’s a family event, and one Art would love, because it is all about family, kids and racing! Kids five and under are free, and there are many special events planned for kids… and the whole museum of displays for the kids and adults to enjoy, too.

A slide show of Art’s career runs throughout the day, and his daughter, Judy Pollard Dippel, is there to meet and greet, share memories with you and answer your questions.

Junior Scoop ice cream will have their tasty treats for everyone. Ron plans to fire up his lineup of cars, which is always a big hit! We’re partnering again with Shriner’s, Victory Academy, and Children’s Cancer Association to make sure all those families can enjoy the day for free as well.


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Judy is an author, speaker and publishing consultant. She is the daughter of Art Pollard.

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