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“Art Pollard shows ’em with 193.923 outing. Don’t look now, but Art is coming out of the Speedway bull-rushes like a latter-day Moses.”

Ray Marquette, The Indianapolis Star, May 7, 1973

“Yesterday, in between bouts of rain, Pollard celebrated his 46th birthday by posting a lap at 193.923 mph in one of Clint Brawner’s Eagles.”

Ray Marquette, The Indianapolis Star, May 7, 1973

After posting the top speed of a gloomy Sunday: “There must have been some sort of mistake,” grinned Art while pedaling his bicycle through Gasoline Alley after his quick run. “You know I couldn’t have been going that fast.”

Ray Marquette, The Indianapolis Star, May 7, 1973

A fan wanted to take Art’s picture. He was 46 and took a lot of kidding about being a grandfather. He said, “Let me take off my glasses and comb my hair”, he quipped with a smile wrapped around both ears.

Article “Many Lost a Pal in Art Pollard” Wayne Fuson, Sports Editor, Indianapolis Star

Art Pollard always took extra time with the fans. I have read and heard nothing but countless tales where Art Pollard would go out of his way to carry on long conversations with fans and never seem too impressed with his celebrity status. Quite simply put—Art Pollard was a gentleman.

Blog article by Journalist, George Phillips,, 2012

At the close of the Speedway at 6 p.m. on May 12, 1973, a total of 24 cars had qualified. Johnny Rutherford became the Pole winner with a four lap average of 198.413 mph. There is no doubt that the celebration that evening was very much subdued. Rutherford (three-time Indy winner) dedicated his record-breaking run to his close friend, Art Pollard.
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