World of Speed Motorsports Museum, Portland, Oregon, USA

Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, The World of Speed is an educational museum featuring historic racecars, boats and motorcycles that tell the story of motorsports culture. Through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, the World of Speed offers visitors a behind the scenes view of the racing world. It encompasses many aspects of motorsports, including drag racing, road racing, land speed racing, motorcycle racing, open wheel, NASCAR and hydroplanes.

Some of Art Pollard’s memorabilia at the World of Speed Motorsports Museum in Oregon

The World of Speed Motorsports Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA (a suburb of Portland, Oregon) showcases some of Art’s memorabilia.

Art and Andy Granatelli celebrate Art’s win (in a Gerhardt Offy) at Milwaukee 200 in 1969. Art’s helmet and an example of a jacket Firestone supplied him; on display, these were donated from the Pollard family collection to the World of Speed Motorports Museum. STP model race car, just for fun!
Typical racing suit Art wore, (though most years Art drove for Firestone, this is one year he drove for Goodyear) and helmet (ThermoKing & STP). Donated by the Pollard family, these are on display at the WoS.
Art’s daughter, Judy Pollard Dippel, sits in #31 sprint car Art drove in the past, now restored with its original Hemi engine (on display at WoS). Car builder/owner, Del McClure with Judy in the photo reflected on Art’s driving style, “Art was pushing all the time trying to find a hole to drive through the field. He was always charging, but using his head while he did it. Art was a hard driver, but you also have to be smart if you are going to make your living that way.”
Judy is excited to go back in time, and sit where her dad once sat back in the day, when dominating the race tracks in the Pacific Northwest.
Art’s daughter, Judy Pollard Dippel, makes a video presentation at the first annual “Art Pollard Day in May” event in May of 2016, honoring her father’s racing career and his commitment to the children at LaRue Carter Hospital in Indianapolis). This special day that focuses on activities for children is held annually, the first Saturday in May, at WoS.
Judy’s presentation at the first annual “Art Pollard Day in May” event in May of 2016 included this photo of Art with two of his racing buddies, a young Mario Andretti and Al Unser Sr., at Hanford in 1968.
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Judy is an author, speaker and publishing consultant. She is the daughter of Art Pollard.

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