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Judy Dippel, Author

Judy’s first book, Refreshing Hope in God: A Mother’s Journey of Joy and Pain, takes a look at motherhood when it doesn’t go as planned. (Signed copies and group copy pricing are available directly through Judy.)

She is co-author of Friendship Interrupted, a book that speaks to myriad of issues women face in their relationships with one another. Women who value friendship, value this book. (Paperback and Kindle editions available on Amazon.com)

In 2017, Judy released her latest book, Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression: Walk Toward Wellness with Real Facts, Real Stories, and Real God. A topic she is passionate about, her book reaches out to women who don’t know what this sudden darkness that threatens their sanity is called. Most often, they don’t have a clue and hide in shame and embarrassment. Including explanations of perinatal mood disorders, this candid and much-needed message lets women know they are not alone, it’s not their fault, they are not going crazy and they will get well. With specific actions they can take, it is a life preserver of hope and help. For more postpartum information, see her book on Amazon (Kindle or paperback editions.) Learn more and get further help and referrals at http:www.postpartum.net/Postpartum Support International

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Judy is a Contributing Author to:

LIFE SPARKS: Life Stories to Illuminate, Inspire and Ignite

But Lord, I was Happy Shallow: Lessons Learned in the Deep Places

Laundy Tales to Lighten Your Load

The One Year Life Verse Devotional

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LINKS: Judy Dippel’s Main Website and her JLD Writes Website

Judy Dippel, Speaker

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“I’m committed to bring audiences (in my books and in person) love, laughter and learning at every opportunity. Most thankfully, in Christ, we have living hope and tangible help that applies to every circumstance!”

Judy’s love for people blends naturally with her passion to share what God has taught her during the many joys of life, and also during seasons of challenge and struggle. She considers it a great privilege to speak to women, and feels strongly that hope and faith for today, and tomorrow, is essential to personal well-being.

Judy says, “I will never arrive and have it all together, but thankfully God does!

She is committed to sharing frankly as she reaches women with a message of God’s friendship, love and guidance . . . with infusions of humility and humor. During her presentations, specific points are made clear, personal examples from her life are shared, Bible scripture and other books referenced…and lastly instruction is given for participants to apply what they have learned to strive towards their life goals and achieving their personal best.

Judy recognizes that each group has specific needs. She is flexible and will gladly brainstorm with you to personalize presentations to meet the needs of your group.

Judy is a registered speaker with WomensMinistry.net. She is a frequent luncheon, retreat and conference presenter. As a writer, she coaches individuals, speaks to writer’s groups, sharing the skills and knowledge she has learned along the way, just as other writers and authors have done for her.

Judy currently lives in Eugene, Oregon—enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and outdoor activities, college sports and golf—she feels learning and reading a good book is something to reach for every day. She feels privileged to share how “our stories tell God’s story.”

If you are interested in inviting Judy to speak, please contact her through this website, or through through WomensMinistry.net.

Judy was interviewed about public speaking, and the necessary skills and tips needed to be a successful public speaker, Sept. 2016.
LINKS: Judy Dippel’s Main Website and her JLD Writes Website

Some Articles by Judy

The Men in Our Lives

Father’s Day is the the perfect time to pause for a moment and reflect on our dads, and the other important men in our lives. I know that some dad’s are living, and that some have fulfilled their time on this earth, which by the way, is never enough time for those of us who are left without them. My dad has been deceased for over 40 years, yet when I think about him, time sits still. This picture was taken of us in 1972. I still miss him, very much! This may be your situation, too.

Okay, for a few minutes imagine we’re having coffee together, talking about how we are thankful for what is, and how we can strive to not dwell on what isn’t. Truly, I know a grateful attitude isn’t always easy to maintain. I certainly can’t do it all the time, but let’s consider these short questions that have significant answers for each one of us. Interesting, maybe surprising, and in the end, I pray, confirming.

If you have a good relationship with your dad who is still living, that’s wonderful. And I cannot imagine a greater gift you could give him this Father’s Day then to write or tell him how you answer the question below.

WHAT IS? (not what isn’t)

Your father: how has your dad positively influenced the person you are in life today?

Other Important Men in Your Life; WHAT IS? (not what isn’t)

  • Your husband: what is the quality you most admire in him?
  • Your son: how has he been there for you?
  • Your grandfather: when was one of the most meaningful times you spent with him?
  • Your brother: what do you good-heartedly laugh and tease each other about?

On this Father’s Day, I hope you are spending it with some of the important men in your life! I’m grateful to be with my husband and son today! My dad is smiling down…

7 New Habits to Get You Unstuck


Create a few new habits to change old struggles or frustrations. The smallest changes can have a huge impact.

Dump negative self-talk, replace it with real truth. You are good enough. You are able to take control of yourself. Remember this. You DO have choices, and I encourage you to take responsibility for them. None of us need to spend this year overloaded all the time: physically, mentally, emotionally … even spiritually, that is not God’s desire for any of us.

The very slightest shift in daily choices can create changes in all of us that soon become healthy new habits to free us of burdens, and bring personal confirmation of being in control of the priorities and values of our lives. Those then evolve into a totally better attitude about how we view our days, which bring greater peace when we lay our heads on the pillow each night. If these are new habits that can help you, try one, or try them all. Print them, post them where you can see them, and pass them on to every friend you know who can use encouragement in these areas. Even the most subtle changes in the way you think, and what you choose to do, make it a happier new year, and definitely a more contented you.

Worry vs. Problem Solving: How can you tell which you are doing? Ask yourself if you can influence, control, or create change in the situation. If you can, then start taking your chosen action tomorrow. If this is not possible, it is worry and a waste of time. Let it go, divert your thoughts. Learn to tell which it is, and choose to act accordingly. Do it for you!

Eliminate the Need to Compete: Trust yourself; know your values. Your life, your kids, your career, your marriage, your activities don’t have to look like, or keep up with your friends.

Obligations or Commitments: Ask yourself, “Does this energize or drain me?” “Who will care or remember tomorrow?” Measure your decision with the two questions, then ask yourself, who will remember you were or weren’t there after 10 minutes, 10 days, 10 weeks? Will your presence truly make an important difference to anyone or something? Sometimes, (but not always) it’s simply our pride, or our inability to say “no.”

Can’t Decide Between Two Things? Flip a coin. Choose heads or tails. While in the air, which do you inwardly hope it will be? That is your true answer.

Resentment that Consumes Your Head and Heart: Do the opposite—strive to let go of the hold bitterness, anger and toxic emotions have on you. Commit to asking this question when resentment pops into your head. What do I have to be grateful for today? Like my 8 year-old granddaughter says to me, “What was your favorite thing today, Grandma?” (She has been a great example to me.) Now, sincerely thank God for it, and feel greater appreciation as you fall asleep each night. Sweet dreams!

Information, Stimulation Overload: Carve out at least one evening each week.Turn it off, tune it out. Cell phones: none of us are that important. TV’s: DVR it for tomorrow. PC’s, Social Media … whatever! Shut it down. Commit to experience what quiet feels like, (you may have forgotten), enjoy simple pleasures: read a book, totally focus on you and/or your relationships—play board games, take a walk, simply let it all go! Laugh and love. Feel the relief … especially if you’ve also been successful in creating the healthy habits above.

Accept Your Circumstances, Seek and Trust God: There are incredible challenges all around, and many are beyond what I can imagine coping with; I don’t pretend to know how your life feels. But the only choice is to walk forward one-day-at-a-time, knowing you (and God) can make it. Appreciate your stamina, and your choice to face it with courage and faith. Easier times are ahead. It’s equally hard and healing, but you can do it!

Happy New Year!

LINKS: Judy Dippel’s Main Website and her JLD Writes Website

Refreshing Hope in God: A Mother’s Journey of Joy and Pain by Judy Dippel

Book written by Judy

Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression: Walk Toward Wellness with Real Facts, Real Stories, and Real God by Judy Dippel

Book written by Judy

Friendship Interrupted: Challenges and Practical Solutions: What You Can Do (Volume 1) by Judy Dippel and Debra Whiting Alexander Ph.D.

Book co-written by Judy

LifeSPARKS: Life Stories to Illuminate, Inspire and Ignite (Volume 1) compiled by Tami Blodgett and Denise Biens

Judy Dippel, Contributing Author

But Lord, I Was Happy Shallow: Lessons Learned in the Deep Places by Marita Littauer

Judy Dippel, Contributing Author

Laundry Tales–To Lighten Your Load by Melissa Howell and Angie Peters

Judy Dippel, Contributing Author

The One Year Life Verse Devotional (One Year Book) by Jay Payleitner

Judy Dippel, Contributing Author
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Judy is an author, speaker and publishing consultant. She is the daughter of Art Pollard.

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