Art Pollard Tribute in Poetry by David Linden

Photo courtesy of Mike Pollard

I am in the land of happy,
as all of you must know.
Please remember me,
as I was glad to go.
My wife has known the love,
that few will ever know.
I now must place her hand in God’s
Together we will watch her grow.
For none could know a love like ours,
that grew with each passing day.
Without a joyous feeling each and
every year in May.
My family -yes the’re my pride,
weep not for me, you see,
I’ll still live at your side.
You friends who made my life so full,
thank you for your thoughts and deeds.
Please know that I did not feel needs.
For none could better what I’ve had,
or what you meant to me,
I know that’s why I’m sailing now,
this sea of tranquility.
Remember please the joy and
laughter that we’ve known
and happiness I’ve always shown.

Art Lee Pollard
May 5, 1927 – May 12, 1973

The Carpenters were one of Art’s favorite groups in the modern era. The Carpenters on The Bob Hope Special

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